Polymer gangway represent a milestone in marine industry evolution. Its superior mechanical properties, exclusive design and durability make it a best price/performance product on the market. Invest in your safety!

Why POLYMER Gangways?

Years of development resulted in an extremely strong and rigid construction. This is achieved by high-end composite materials and especially with the  monocoque technology further improved by our own NO BONDING TECHNOLOGY®.

WHITE line of POLYMER gangway represent best price/performance product on the market. With its superiror mechanical properties, functionalities and easy customization gives you years of safe access to your boat.


  • All folding models have smart locking system that allows locking of unfolded (opened) position
  • Ergonomic design enables easy installation, handling and storing
  • Antislip surface guarantees safe access to your boat
  • All fittings needed for installation included (1 male and 1 female fitting in standard)
  • Closed technology gives POLYMER gangway floatability
  • All materials are UV protected
  • All POLYMER gangways are protected against scratches while storing with special elastic side tape
  • Special reinforcement and protection of bottom (pier side)
  • Easy theft protection


With diverse portfolio of accessories you can improve your boaring experience, make it safer or more elegant.

Design customization (boat name, logo, etc)

At designated area (at pier or boat side) we can customize (laser engrave) your gangway. Just send us your design

See customization

Technical data

Type Non foldable Non foldable Foldable Foldable Foldable Foldable
Foldable 220 cm 260 cm 220 cm 260 cm 280 cm 350 cm
Width 39 cm 45 cm 39 cm 45 cm 45 cm 70 cm
Weight 8,5 kg 11 kg 10,5 kg 14,5 kg 16,5 kg 37,5 kg
Load capacity 300 kg
Color white /  carbon /  custom

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.www.eu-skladi.si